Poděkování prezidenta a vice-prezidenta Mezinárodní flebologické unie za aktivní účast na Světovém kongresu v Bostonu

Dear Svatopluk,

Mark Meissner, as Scientific Chair and I, as Congress President want to personally thank you for your participation in the UIP World Congress in Boston. We believe that each individual’s contribution helped to create what was widely considered to be the best scientific UIP Congress to date, continuing the standard set by JJ Guex and Eberhard Rabe in Monaco in 2009. Such an accomplishment only happens with the highest scientific quality work by the faculty, and for that Mark and I are very grateful to you. Attendance was the highest ever for a UIP Congress, and I hope you enjoyed your time in Boston with your friends and colleagues. We look forward with great anticipation to the next UIP World Congress in Melbourne in 2017 under the direction of Kurosh Parsi.

Warm regards,

Nick Morrison
President-Elect, UIP

Mark Meissner
Vice-President, UIP

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